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WHAT’S BUGGING YOU? Is it the BUGS, the SERVICE or the MONEY you are spending for the service? At ABZ PEST CONTROL SERVICES INC we will provide you with a pest free environment with a mutually agreed upon date and time of the service at competitive prices you can feel comfortable managing. All programs are tailored to your pest management needs with FDA, USDA and AIB approved programs. ABZ PEST CONTROL SERVICES INC is a IPM (integrated pest management) company that is licensed, bonded and insured. Among the many daily problems Managers face is insect outbreak, a seasonal reoccurrence. Depending on conditions or practices affecting your proper sanitation, the Manager also needs to protect customers and employees from the health hazards and aggravation of nuisance pests.

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When a problem calls for the assistance of a licensed termite extermination service provider, you can talk to the professionals at ABZ Pest Control Services regarding what needs to be done.


Bedbug extermination work can end up requiring a great deal of attention. If you’d prefer to have a professional who is licensed, bonded, and insured tackle the job, you can ask for the help of ABZ


If you need to hire a company that delivers effective bee extermination solutions to the Greater Los Angeles area, choose ABZ Pest Control Services. Our professionals have the training and expertise.

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